5 Female Organs Every Woman Should Be in Communication With Part I

I think straight off the bat, we need some clarifications with the title itself ‘5 Female Organs Every Woman Should be in Communication With’

‘Should’ be in communication with, does not imply an or else, like threatening or controlling kind of way, we have enough patriarchy for that stuff please – no thanks. My intention is to suggest that it’s a great idea to communicate with your feminine organs and many people will benefit tremendously from doing it. I toyed with the word ‘could’ be in communication with, but then that implies that there is a possibility that some women can’t, which again would be incorrect so didn’t want to use it – if someone else has a better word please include it in the comments below!

‘Communication with’ now that’s a hum dinger – in this case, I just straight up mean like “hey uterus, how’s it going today? You shedding a wall today? Ovaries are you dropping a seed or something? What’s all this pain about? Talk to me. – Literally just that.  Therefore, this post is much more about what each organ represents or symbolizes in your life, and the types of general issues that can arise from them, and how to use that information to transform your life by keeping in direct communication with each of these feminine organs.

Symbolic Representation of The Vagina

Starting from the bottom up, we have the vagina, probably the most feminine organ there is – the only reason why I say that is because it’s the organ that you can fake the least, or be able to transform. For instance, in Thailand, if men wanted to become women, they can eat pills to grow breasts, but I don’t know if there is a surgery in existence to create a vagina, who knows? Maybe there is one by now, but I definitely don’t think we are that far off in technology from it~

The Vagina is the receptacle, the organ of receiving. Receiving is a highly feminine quality, it is biologically, physically structured to receive another organ. The quality of receiving is also one that symbolizes how we are as receptacles to God, the reverse is not true – we have nothing to give the Divine in return that It already doesn’t have, which is why this quality above many others is important in the path to spirituality because we must all be willing to receive divine inspiration. Women are naturally better receivers than men, both biologically, but also with emotional, mental and spiritual insights, which makes it easier for women to relate to God – though the quality of receiving has to be developed by both sexes, ultimately the soul we know, has no gender, men likewise need to develop the virtue of receptivity to connect with our collective Creator.

Issues That Can Arise With the Vagina

Based on Louise Hay’s directory, problems like vagintitis can occur when you are experiencing anger at a sexual partner, feeling sexual guilt, or having feelings of punishing the self. Also similar to when you have a urine infection, you are literally ‘pissed off’ from your partner - although where urine comes out is an entirely different hole from the vagina, it is energetically similar to the vagina so there are similar energetic traits.

Of course in these circumstances you should not deny medical attention, as there are biological reasons for it too. However, most diseases are embedded in the mental layer of the body, the 3rd Kosha (5 koshas include: physical, energetic, mental/emotion, witness and bliss bodies), which is where the root cause of all disease stems from. Therefore, as important as it is that you deal with it medically, in the first layer of the body, the physical, it is likewise important to understand what your emotional and mental wellbeing is trying to tell you. For instance, what opportunity of insight can you gain from this misalignment, about your self, about your mate, about the timing of an intimate relationship etc? These are all questions, you can directly discuss with your vagina, and just hear it out and see what it says. 

I had a client with a phobia of anything ‘penetrating’, whether it be a needle, or a penis, a phobia that is suspected to originate in her childhood, but she couldn’t remember what had happened that gave her such a fear, guiding her through discussions directly with her vagina, the entry point of penetration, led to interesting insights and deep healing. 

Although disorders with this organ were discussed, the best way of course is to prevent any disease from happening in the first place. So to be in frequent conversation with your uniquely feminine organ, the vagina, which is ready to provide you with deep insight at all times, if only you are ready to receive it - No pun intended~ is the best way to prevent from other disease or disorder, by constantly clearly out the mental and emotional clutter that builds up energetically with organ meant to receive.  

To be continued with communications with "The Uterus"

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