Scared about Giving Birth? Here's How to Completely Change Your Perspective on It

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Seven years ago, on January 4th, 2012. I observed my first ever natural birth.

On that day, thinking that I had already observed 10 caesarian sections in the operating room, I did not think a natural birth would affect me that much - honestly I kinda thought it was slightly mundane compared to being in the surgical ward, in ‘sugery’ with blood, gore and amniotic fluid drainage etc which is like Disneyland for me 😍 hey everyone has their own ‘thing’ and mine happens to be surgery.

Like it didn’t even cross my mind that I had anything to worry about. I was feeling part dizzy, part trying to attach or lean myself onto anything that could provide support to me in that moment. 

I felt like I was falling.

I was not ok, that shocked face was not even posed. My eyes say it all, it just witnessed darkness turn into light. 


It was only years, that I have learned that every birth is a miracle, literally for both mother and child. For without the presence of God for BOTH mama and baby, a birth, the coming of life, would not be possible. Like straight up, wouldn’t happen. 


The thing I tell mothers now, especially when there is a fear of birth or the process, that the ONLY TIME I can absolutely, with certainty, provide a definitive promise that ‘God was present’ is during the birthing of life. 

I can’t say that ‘God was present’ with THAT much umph in any other circumstances, even though I know God is everywhere, at all times, within everything, always - it’s the only circumstances that I can shamelessly and with confidence apply to believers and unbelievers alike with conviction

The birthing process has within its spiritual laws, a prerequisite, that without the absolute presence of God with mama AND baby, neither would survive

Don’t worry about God being pulled in different directions in a single moment, there is no limit of love and presence He can give us or others at any given moment at the same time - His presence is boundless

It’s not like He has two watermelons in His hands, and can’t take another one - this concept, of limits, of boundaries, are within this earthly realm and not of the spiritual realm, which our souls are working on in given moments or processes of life and birth

God is with you in your birthing process. He is with you, and He is with your baby too- poor babe is frightened as hell to go through this seemingly drastic change, God promises each of us, that He will be there, for us, to protect, to hold our spirits in these dire but inevitable circumstances as is part of the contractual agreement of descending on this planet, but the infinite to the finite, that alone is a terrifying process, and God tells us He will have our back through out - it is truly a mercy on His part for us to forget our birth and block it from our memory and our children’s memory (seriously for that alone, we must pause and give some straight up Thanks).


The true meaning of “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me” some say is in fact, referring to the ‘walking’ through of the birth canal.

This is a reason why people have previously said that everyone knows God, they are not wrong (even for unbelievers), for without Him, one could not have come into this life, or kept a mother living to care for you and look after you thereafter - which again is another miracle in its own right. 

Who knows why some babies and some mammas don’t make it, that is truly a mystery left for us to uncover, for a much later, or if ever, time. There are accidents that happen, however, but the giving as well as taking of life, I believe, is wholly in the hands of God - as other things are of course too, but never more so than birth and death. 

What I hope this knowledge would help you is to let you know that you can wholeheartedly and entirely rely on the infinite, merciful, comforting God during the birthing process. 

Call on God in your birth

Call on God in fear of your perceived or actual pain 

Call on God in your suffering

Call on God in your freedom from suffering

Call on God to have strength 

Call on God for acceptance 

Call on God for peace 

Call on God for steadfastness 

And tell your husbands to do the same, cause they will want, need, to do something, anything, while watching you in pain - better is it if they are given precise directions and things to pray for before hand

Even for the wavering or complete unbeliever in God, I ask you for this very specific circumstances, to let it be your ONLY exception, if ever, to give it at least ONE TRY to believe in the existence of God, if that will ever be the ONLY time that you consider believing in it, then let THAT be the only time - we aim low super low here at Yoga Avec Moi 😂. 

But please do not, downright deny the ever pouring Grace that will pour on you during the birthing process, to you AND your child, all I ask, for your own precious sake, is not to hold an umbrella and divert that grace, just be the receptacle for grace, just once, if that is the only time you do it

And if you find that by simply just believing in His Omnipotent Present in your birth, and knowing that you can ask Him for assistance if you so wish, did nothing for youby all means, mamas (& papas) forget it. I’m sure God will understand, He has ways of creeping on you other ways ;) hahahahaha 

But even if you don’t want to tell anyone that you’re trying out this mental dialogue with your Creator during your, very own finalizing of your creation process at your birth, God will understand, He won’t tell anyone. He Promises, I asked 😏✌🏼

The birthing process is truly a spectacle, there is awe, there is fear, there is worry, there is joy, there is surprise, there is mystery. Just open yourself up / share this experience with a force Infinitely more superior to youI only wish for you to be completely removed from having fear and be in full confidence that God has your back always👌🏼

Always and forever


Nahal Haghbin is an Integrative Yoga Therapist in training from the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy and a globally certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher based in China.  She conducts lectures, private and group asana and consultations on Yoga & Integrative Yoga Therapy in person and online. Book an online yoga session with her. Here is what her clients had to say about Nahal’s Signature Birthing Preparation For Mamas to be,

"I had a session online with Nahal and I have to say, it was the most personally-tailored experience I have ever received. My husband and I were both expecting our first child and she tuned right into our personal needs for this big moment in our life. She truly has a heart for listening and responding with such a spiritually in tune response. She was able to give very individualized counsel to each of us. For me she had physical exercises for me to do to help with my relaxation practice, opening up my hips and helping with blood circulation etc. She also led us through a guided meditation that was very centering and even helped me in the actual birth of our baby. I can't recommend her enough, as she truly sees people where they are in their individual journey and sits in it with them. Thank you, Nahal, for your service to my family."