1. The following appointments will be conducted through Skype, with the exception of the local group Yoga classes provided at the indicated location (TBD)


2. If the appointment times don't work with your time-zone or schedule, drop us an E-mail (yogiavecmoi@gmail.com) for alternate times you would be available


3. For clients based in China, there is the option to pay with E-mail transfer (nahalhaghbin@gmail.com), PayPal (directed through booking portal below), Alipay & WeChat, QR codes provided on this page below.

1. 除非那些指定地点(TBD)的团体瑜伽课程外,以下的瑜伽预约一律都在网上通话,视频进行。

2. 如果预约时间不适用于您的时区或日程安排,请给我们发送邮件(yogiavecmoi@gmail.com) 提供您更方便的时间!

3. 居住在中国的顾客,页下有支付宝和微信支付扫描选择。

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