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"Doing yoga with Nahal is beyond just the physical asanas but one gets to experience the mental and emotional relaxation. It’s totally therapeutic for the body, mind and soul."

- TSP Singaporean


 - 新加坡人    

"I had the great pleasure of attending many of Nahal's yoga classes over the last year, each one lifting my spirits and leaving me with a great feeling of joy! Her enthusiasm, kindness and love of Yoga is infectious and ever present in her teaching. Nahal's classes gave me a valuable introduction and helped build my appreciation for the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. I now have a much better sense of the depth of this practice and much motivation to continue learning. She is an absolutely outstanding, warm and welcoming guide - highly recommended!"

- RM American


“在过去的这一年里,我很荣幸的参加了很多娜娜老师的的瑜伽课, 每一次课都使我的灵性得到提升,在课后我的心也会充满愉悦!她的热情,友善和对瑜伽的爱都从她教授瑜伽的过程中时时刻刻的体现出来,非常具有传染性。 娜娜老师的课程给予了我非常有价值的关于瑜伽的知识,同时也帮助我建立了瑜伽能使身体和心理获益的鉴赏能力。我现在对此练习有更深的体会,还想继续学习瑜伽。娜娜老师是个特别杰出,热心 并且热情的指导者 - 强烈推荐!”

- 美国人

"Nahal is not only a Yoga teacher but more so a spiritual guide, an inspiration and a companion. Whether its practising physical yoga postures or talking to her, it feels comforting, relaxing, freeing, and I feel heard and its a wonderful feeling. Whilst practicing yoga, my daughter (3.5 years) and I both really want to practice yoga with Nahal and do the postures. My body first feels a sense of relaxation, at the same time my breath gets regulated, my brain feels relaxed; and my daughter gets very excited and very happy. This makes me, as a mother feel really happy; at the same time when I'm talking to Nahal, my personal thoughts can always be acknowledged and heard and I am confident to be received with wholehearted understanding, and she always gives me very creative and practical advise. Slowly slowly, I am able to understand how to dive deeper into my inner kingdom, to speak with my soul, and make myself feel love, feel understood, feel forgiven, feel truly joyful."


- Chinese


"娜娜不仅是一位瑜伽老师,更是一位灵性上的引导者,鼓励者和陪伴者。无论是在跟她学习瑜伽动作还是与她交谈都是一种更加舒适,放松,自由和被倾听的美好感受过程。在练习瑜伽的过程中,我和女儿(3 岁半)都非常愿意跟娜娜一起做瑜伽动作,我的身体首先得到了缓解,同时呼吸顺畅,大脑也很放松;女儿很兴奋很开心。让我这个妈妈也由衷的高兴;在与娜娜交谈时,自己的想法总能被认真的倾听并得到准确无误的理解,也总能给予我一些非常有建设性的切实的建议。慢慢地,我也能够了解如何深入自己的内心世界,与自己的灵魂进行交流,让自己得到爱,得到理解,得到原谅,得到真正的快乐"

- 中国人

"I've done a few yoga classes with Nahal and I must say she is an excellent yoga teacher. As a teacher, Nahal is nurturing yet firm - she gently encourages her students to go deeper into the poses but never pushes. Nahal also has a deep understanding of yoga as both a physical and spiritual practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes and practicing with her has allowed me to deepen my own practice and gain a deeper understanding of yoga."

- CL Singaporean

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“我跟娜娜老师上了几堂瑜伽课 我必须要说她是一个非常优秀的瑜伽老师。作为一个老师, 娜娜温柔又坚定- 她总是很温柔的鼓励她的学员们更加深入的去做体式动作但从来不会强迫。 在身体和精神的瑜伽练习中,娜娜有更深的理解。 在上她的课时,我非常的享受。她允许我加深自己的练习动作并使我能从中获得对瑜伽更多的理解。

- 新加坡人              

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