Everything you ever wanted to know about how Integrative Yoga Therapy can help your Romantic Relationship Part III

Vijanamayakosha – The Witness Body 

The witness body is also invisible to the naked eye, and is the part of yourself that is pure consciousness, this is the seat of wisdom. This is the part of your body that recognizes that you see a cup, and you are not a cup, or more relevant to our topic of couple ship, ‘I realize that she/he is having an angry emotion, yet I distinguish also that she/he is not a angry being/person.’

The recognition of what is temporary and what is permanent. 

Not many things are permanent, other than God, the Single Point, Reality, Pure Consciousness and your True Self, all are transitory, Read the other blog for details. 

So in this layer, no disease of human physical relevance can be made here, although it can create huge emotional hurts that make it drop down to the mental/emotional layer of the body, but that is usually when it is inactivated, or not in motion or full effect.  

Essentially this is the discernment body, the clearer and more purified it is, the more clearly you can distinguish when your love, or the rest of life, is tripping up.

Problems arise when both loves are not clear here, you see the other trip up and get angry, and you also get into a reaction, rather than being calm and collected and recognizing what the other person is doing, or that the other is having a moment, the quickest thing to bring the other to ‘this’ world, ‘this’ reality, is with love, ooz love out for you mate in these moments. 

Let’s be real, that’s super hard, like holy molly hard right? What I know is, the people I have loved, I have been able to see them in these moments, and known and been clear, or AT LEAST, been willing to see them differently when they are having a moment, and they need to be received with love, with compassion, and acceptance – honestly, this is my indicator for when I am in love with someone, like truly and whole heartedly, look past it as if you were watching a movie, and know, that when it doubt, love is always the answer~ 

 The way you access this is likewise meditation – guys I’m probably gonna say the same thing over and over again, meditation is the answer to SO MANY THINGS! Literally, everything, I might as well not even write another blog, cause I bet you the recommendation for that one is ALSO meditation. 

Medi~ Medi~ Medi~ TAAAATION! 

See what I’m saying. 

Ananadamayakosh – The Bliss Body 

The bliss body is my favorite, I call it the halo body, I just see light upon light when I think of this body layer. It’s the layer of your body that brings you true bliss! It’s what makes you YOU! It’s the layer of your joys, what you like to do, what you notice, What you would pay other people to do in order that YOU could do it for them? I get so excited about this, and this is likewise what makes me the most sad, when people are not doing their bliss. 

I can only give a personal example with this one, there are a few things that bring me bliss – like I have a bliss list to check every time I’m depressed to uplift myself and I likewise encourage you to make one for yourself!

Thinks that I LOVE doing are 

1.    Being in a body of water, whether that is the ocean, a swimming pool, doesn’t matter, that rocks my knickers. 

2.    Drinking a Thai young coconut – it has to be Thai, coconut, and definitely the young slimy kind of coconut meat, don’t be pretending to be young when your not coconut!  

3.    Getting a massage – being touched with jasmine, rose or teatree scented oil, or coconut oil

4.    I love caring about people, in any moment of nurturing someone else, hearing them, listening to them, my God, I would pay to do this for sure. And Thankfully the reverse is true!

5.    I love to share what I know with others, innate teacher in me.

6.    Every single issue that is a break of trust, an injustice, ignites me.

When this becomes an issue in a couple-ship is when someone’s bliss is not valued, suppressed by the outside world or the inside world - by themselves, it could be self-imposed cause of fear, ignorance, unawareness - there is nothing that kills a soul faster than this. But in a relationship, when the light of another can be held in full-glory with both palms, my god, marry me right now please – like it is so beautiful! You almost can hear the other person be adjusted into their own bliss, true heaven right der. 

How do you work on this layer? Some helpful questions to ask your self are, 

  •  What have you always noticed that you’re kinda surprised that other people haven’t noticed and it’s always been like this? 

  • What do you enjoying the most, that when you do it, you can practically hear your cells sing? 

  • What is it that you want to do, that makes you chuckle thinking that its so big, too impossible, ridiculous, culturally out of the norm to do? That if spoken to the outer sphere, you think you will be shamed, judged, abandoned etc?

  • Are you afraid of doing the things that you love? Who was the person that instilled the fear in you, is it true? and does it apply now?

I can’t stress enough how important it is for both people in a couple to have this layer nourished. I know people that when their spouses finally receive that dose of bliss that they much needed, it filled their relationship with so much meaning, closeness, despite the fact that it meant being miles apart for long periods of time. Both of you want the person to be happy, just actually sit down and see what that looks like for you guys! 

So there we have it, the five layers of the kosha’s! 

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Nahal Haghbin is an Integrative Yoga Therapist in training in Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy and a globally certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher based in China.  She conducts lectures, private and group asana and consultations on Yoga & Integrative Yoga Therapy in person and online. Book an online couples yoga session with her on Yoga Avec Moi website or find her in person at her Yoga Studio based in Tianjin, called Moments Lotus Yoga Studio near Italian Style street.