5 Female Organs Every Woman Should be in Communication With: The Uterus Part II Pregnancies

The uterus is the quintessential center of femininity. It is the storehouse of creativity, it literally ‘houses’ the initial home of the human creation – A child. 

The uterus deals with all energetics of creativity, including that of the lowest forms of creativity to the highest. The highest being that of a soul (a human) coming into this earth, and the lower forms of bringing material things from the invisible to the visible plane, like an idea to an object, or an idea into action – not by any means less praiseworthy, just hierarchically and creativity beneath the crowning of human existence, a human soul. 

The uterus is the location, space, architecture, in which the bringing forth of a soul into the physical world of existence takes place, it is so phenomenally beautiful. In many ways it is also the birthplace of individual divinity, which makes its ‘house’ sacred by design.  

What your relationship with your uterus is, essentially equates to what your relationship with your woman hood is. How you think a woman should be, should talk, should walk on this earth will manifest itself and find expression in the Uterus. 

When you are pregnant, your creativity is at it’s peak, your belly is literally filled with the highest form of creative life. It is literally teeming and bustling with regenerative power, life that is absolutely thriving and expressing its full capacity and nature. 

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