5 Female Organs Every Woman Should be in Communication With: The Uterus Part II Pregnancies

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This blog post is apart of a 6 part blog post series on ‘5 Female Organs Every Woman Should be in Communication With ’. Access the first two available blogs here: The Vagina, The Uterus Part I: Menstrual Cycles

Before I begin today’s uterus part II blog about pregnancies, I have story to share about the impact of just how important forming a relationship with your own female organs like your uterus are, and by long term association, how that impact affects the foundational relationship you start with your child. 

I have this dear friend of mine who is a yoga teacher and whilst we were both teaching yoga at this youth camp, I began noticing her interactions between her and her teenage son, and I shared with her how beautiful it was to witness. 

I really wish you guys were there to see it, their interaction felt so gentle, like air, so loving and caring, and not in a mama-boys clingy type of way at all, like just such a beautiful spirit seamlessly floating in and out of mamas circle every now and again, leaving no trace at all at the same time, whilst jovially playing with friends and having a laugh, and doing his own thing. 

She told me“You know Nahal, he just gets me. He knows when I am upset, he comes to me, and he comforts me exactly the way I need to be comforted. It is so beautiful. Entirely different from my second son.”

We laughed. 

“I get it. Usually the first child is like the ‘golden child’, in the parents eyes, they can do no wrong. It’s generally normal to feel that way as I’ve noticed with other parents. I know my parents love all of us the same, but since my eldest brother was the first child, it was their first time being parents, there is a mutual kind of respect there and special love. I know he has a place in my parents heart that neither me nor my other bother have in theirs, which is totally cool, I know they love us, it’s just different.”

She thought about it a little bit, and didn’t seem to flinch, and I thought I just passed on years of gold observations from family dynamics. “Yeah perhaps, but I know the reason is because I had so much energy healing and support with the first child during my pregnancy. When I was living in Arizona, it was easy to find energy healers, and this healer would do Reiki on me and on my belly. It was so fantastic, Nahal, I felt one with my child. I truly felt him in the womb when he was upset, and I could tell that he knew when I was upset. We are very in tuned with each other, even if we are apart. With my second, I had moved to Bolivia, and I was serving the community full time, it was very rewarding work but I had less time to focus on my pregnancy, and I also had my first born to raise, I would be in a meeting, and my child was on the floor playing. There were no energy healers around me, and I had little energy to do much else. I attribute my closeness with my first son to doing energy work and yoga during pregnancy.”

I locked and loaded that information into my mind-vault like no bodies business, “Remember to do LOTS of prenatal yoga and Reiki when you get knocked up”, I said to myself “And make sure you prioritize mama-baby meditations and bonding  during your sessions with pregnant clients”. 

This story is the perfect backdrop to why we should develop a relationship with, and communicate with our uteruses whilst pregnant. 

With the previous posts I have begun with describing what each female organ represents or symbolizes in your life, and the types of general issues that can arise from them, and how to use that information to transform your life by keeping in direct communication.  However, for this blog post, I will not be touching on the general issues that come up with pregnancies.

Symbolism of The Uterus 

The uterus is the quintessential center of femininity. It is the storehouse of creativity, it literally ‘houses’ the initial home of the human creation – A child. 

The uterus deals with all energetics of creativity, including that of the lowest forms of creativity to the highest. The highest being that of a soul (a human) coming into this earth, and the lower forms of bringing material things from the invisible to the visible plane, like an idea to an object, or an idea into action – not by any means less praiseworthy, just hierarchically and creativity beneath the crowning of human existence, a human soul. 

The uterus is the location, space, architecture, in which the bringing forth of a soul into the physical world of existence takes place, it is so phenomenally beautiful. In many ways it is also the birthplace of individual divinity, which makes its ‘house’ sacred by design.  

What your relationship with your uterus is, essentially equates to what your relationship with your woman hood is. How you think a woman should be, should talk, should walk on this earth will manifest itself and find expression in the Uterus. 

When you are pregnant, your creativity is at it’s peak, your belly is literally filled with the highest form of creative life. It is literally teeming and bustling with regenerative power, life that is absolutely thriving and expressing its full capacity and nature. 

I had a friend who shared with me how distinct each pregnancy with her kids felt her, like she could very much feel the spiritual qualities of her children whilst still in the womb. 

The first one, she felt that her daughter was assertive and overwhelmingly had the qualities of love – she indeed turned out to have a very loving nature, and exceptionally articulate for a 2 year old. With her son, his primary virtues were humility and musical talents, she suddenly had the urge to learn the piano – now that her son is 2 now, he has a strong urge to play the piano! 

It’s important to of course to be in sync with the feelings of your uterus, whether it is empty (in its menstrual cycle) or when it is full (nesting period).When you’re pregnant, communicate with your uterus, because on a soul level, you and your child’s souls are quite literally in close proximity. The proximity of two souls whether through the comingling of sex, or your child growing inside of you, are both very spiritually amplifying processes – which means on a communication level, you can literally heighten-ly sense each others vibes, feelings, rhythms and flows. 

This is a phenomenal opportunity to think about why this particular soul decided to choose you as their highest place of spiritual development – in yoga, souls descend into particular families for their own highest spiritual growth, the gender of the child is also relevant in that individual soul’s purpose AND the sex is also assigned for the parents highest spiritual growth. 

Therefore, when it comes to your uterus, and particularly during the time of pregnancy, place the palm of your hands on your peak creative filled uterus, give gratitude and thanks of course for the honor and privilege that a soul has chosen to be guided and directed by you, tell it that you want him/her, tell it that you love him/her, tell him/her that you can’t wait to meet and raise them. Talk to the child frequently, out loud, or in mind, it doesn’t matter, you’re talking to their soul anyways, not their developed mind – although sound and music is beautiful as well. 

Potential questions or comments that you may wish to share with your fetus are, 

1.     What are your prominent spiritual qualities?

2.     Are there any foods that you enjoy through me? 

3.     Your dad and I love you SO MUCH already, and we can’t wait to meet you, hold you and touch you.   

4.     What can I do now to help facilitate your healthy growth? 

5.     What certain emotions do you like to experience through me? 

6.     Is there anything you would like to prepare me before you come out to care for you? 

7.    Why have you chosen your dad and I as your primary base for your time on earth?

8.     How do I need to equip myself for when you come? 

9.     You are deeply wanted and desired to come into this family. 


To be continued with "5 Organs Every Woman Should Be in Communication With: Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes Part IV”

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