Sneak Peak into an Integrative Yoga Therapy Session with Nahal Haghbin

The first reaction that I get every time I begin a first-time clients session on the phone is “After filling out the forms, I didn’t know that Integrative Yoga therapy actually encompasses so many different areas!” 

Literally, what I hear every single time. 

Given that the field of Integrative Yoga Therapy is relatively new, and not so readily available everywhere yet, I thought I would share what an actual Integrative Yoga Therapy session with me would look like or may look like with other integrative yoga therapist.

Many people don’t even know what integrative yoga therapy is, or know what to expect when they are brave enough to try it, or what questions to ask so the integrative yoga therapist can help them.

Part of the reason is that, what people view as Yoga is what they see, and what they see is people doing crazy postures and physical thingsand the first thing that I hear is, 

“I can’t do that”

“I’m not flexible” 

“I’m can’t bend my body like that” 

“I would break if I did yoga” 

Yoga actually means the union of the mind, body, and the soul. 

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Everything you ever wanted to know about how integrative yoga therapy can help your romantic relationship 

Integrative yoga therapy works with the five Koshas, meaning layers or sheaths of the human body, 

  •    The physical body – Anamayakosha, 

  •   The energy Body – Pranamayakosha 

  • The mental and emotional body – Manomayakosha 

  •    The Witness body - Vjanamayakosha 

  •   The bliss body - Anamayakosha 

Often times so many people get so caught up in just the physical-ness of the relationship that you end up neglecting, the other layers, or human sheaths, of not only your own self/body, but also the layers of your partner – most humans don’t even know that there are so many layers! Don’t sweat it, we are all here to learn~

The key to a thriving relationship is first and foremost, knowledge.

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