The Secret To Knowing Your Life is Going in the Right Direction is Easier Than you Think

Everything that occurs in your life happens for a reason.

There have been some things which have made it easier for me to live life over time, I have to say, and those are to be better at checking in with your self, getting better at paying attention to your life, such as the abundance of incoming signs and symbols.

Being open to, or being able to read signs and symbols of life, I feel, will unlock your gates to your inner authentic truth and understanding.

Have you ever had synchronicities, I like to call them ‘God-telling-you-something moments’, when you start to think about something, and you’re not even sure you are going to do it, want to do it or should do it, and then something in the outer-physical-naked-eye world reflects that exact thought to you in a soonish moment that makes you think of it in a new way, makes you feel confirmed that you should do it or nudges you forward? 

For example thinking about a friend, and you check your phone, and they have texted you. You dream of a person, and you get a call from them the next day. 

Those are like gentle God-telling-you-something moments. 

Like those are nice, and you’re like thank you God! Stop it~ You have a little more faith, and you pay a little bit more attention, your eyes wake up a little more, and yep, cool! 

But when there are those moments about, whether or not you should pursue the new goal of your life, butterflies are flying about your stomach, nervous as hell to take the first step? Wondering whether or not you should pursue that job, move to that country, take that research job, or take that endeavor that is going to be freaking hard, confusing and bring uncertainty? AND for sure, you know, that no one you know can call you up and tell you “yes, take that road”, do that thing, make that move AND THEN you get a sign, those are like shockwaves coursing through your veins telling you that YES, THAT’S IT!

God has many ways to communicate with you what you are doing is right with signs and symbols.Truth is these are not rare, there are TONS of symbols and signs in life that are available to you if you are open to it. 

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