5 Female Organs Every Woman Should Be in Communication With: The Uterus Part I

This blog post is part of a 6 part series on ‘5 Female Organs Every Woman Should be in Communication With ’This particular blog covers the Uterus, and since its function is more complex, we will spend two blogs to talk about it. The first blog series was about the Vagina, moving up we have the uterus, then to the ovaries & fallopian tubes (left & right), breasts (left & right) and finally we will cover the throat.

Although the throat is not particularly a female organ, given our focus on ‘communication’ with our feminine organs, learning to ‘speak up’ is going to be particularly important for womankind and will thus be covered in this mini blog series. 

Symbolism of The Uterus 

The uterus is the quintessential center of femininity. It is the storehouse of creativity, it literally ‘houses’ the initial home of the human creation. The uterus deals with all energetics of creativity, including that of the lowest forms of creativity to the highest, the highest being that of a soul (a human) coming into this earth, and the lower forms of bringing material things from the invisible to the visible plane, like an idea to an object, or an idea into action – not by any means less praiseworthy, just hierarchically and creativity beneath a the crowning of human existence, the soul. The uterus is the space in which the bringing forth of a soul into the physical world of existence takes place, it is so phenomenally beautiful. In many ways it is also the birthplace of individual divinity, which makes its ‘house’ sacred by design.  

What your relationship with your uterus is, essentially equates to what your relationship with your woman hood is.How you think a woman should be, should talk, should walk on this earth will manifest itself and find expression in the Uterus. 

Note that if you have a painful experience with your Uterus, in the words of Caroline Myss, you are essentially rejecting your uterus, in other words, rejecting your womanhood. 

Now when I initially read that, I did not resonate a single bit, thinking, I have never once thought to my self that I reject my uterus or womanhood when I have cramps or pain, I mean that’s ridiculous. I thought to myself, there must be more to it, there is something I’m not getting here.It dawned on me that this ‘rejecting of the uterus’ could be in terms of, struggling or battling being a woman, knowing that a womans gender does give me (at least on an individual perception wise) more challenges than had I been a man. All these forms of thinking can be equated to the personal struggles of being a woman, i.e rejecting the uterus. 

There is so much that happens within the uterus that I will roughly need to break it down in two different blog segments, the first being that of menstrual cycles, of the shedding of the walls of the uterus, and the second of that of bearing a child, and of course there is a third, where the uterus is neither in shedding mode or in child bearing mode, just living its regular life or menopausal state, which of course doesn’t stop you from being in communication with your uterus during these times. However, menstrual cycles and pregnancies are the ones that I’m going to touch on here, that you can use as a reference during the regular uterus times as well J

The Uterus: Menstrual Cycles 

The menstrual cycles is a beautifully complex system of hormones coming up and down, with different estrogen and progesterone levels. The brain is more sensitive during this time, it is like as if the previous ‘veils’ of life have been taken off, during this period of time, women feel more intensively, the hurts of the world, they are no longer as able to ward off these emotions as they were previously – a truly protective mechanism when you think about it actually feeling the worlds pains, that one half of our species, the women kind, once a month has their veils taken off to not become numbor no longer be able to numbto the world’s pain and actual responsibly feel them so we don’t implode as a human race.  

In her book Tears to Triumph, Marianne Williamson shares a story of chimpsliving in the jungle.A group of scientist noticed that several chimps were exhibiting depressive behavior, they were not hanging out with the other chimps, and they were not eating with the other chimps. Scientists then took these chimps that isolated themselves from the majority of the group for 6 months, to see how the rest of the chimps behaved and interacted. 

Any guesses to what happened to them?Remember your answer. 

When the scientists brought back the depressive chimps back to the jungle, they had noticed that the entire chimp clan had died. They later rationed that these depressive chimps were the early warning signs for earth quakes, natural disasters, food shortages or what not, and when they were taken away, the herd were defenseless without their more sensitive compatriots to warn them of the disasters to come. 

Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

In the case of humans, women, are this early warning system, this “system” that is responsible for telling the rest of humanity that the level of hurt, pain, injustice in the world is growing so incredibly high, that we can no longer numb our selves with drugs and alcohol, social media, over working and remaining silent etc, that we must face our issue.The menstrual cycle of the women is essentially, the unveiling of the physical pains of realities, processed through her pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for regulating and inhibiting you from swearing, as well as the part of the brain that you are compassionate from i.e get emotional easily.  

In sum, the lack of ability of women to remain with their ‘shit together’ during their period is essentially an evolutionary protective marker to the greater whole of society.The simple shedding of this wall, is amazing. To read more about the energy dynamics of the uterus, read my blog Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How Integrative Yoga Therapy Can Help You Romantic Relationship

Therefore, when it comes to our uterus, and particularly during the time of our uterine shedding, we must go into the cave of our internal worlds, to bring forth into existence the necessary wisdoms that we not only need in our individual lives to survive, but also need for our collective survival and thriving relationships, and ask questions directly to it of the following nature,

1.     Do you have fear? Are you scared? What are you scared of? 

2.     How are you experiencing in your relationship with men right now? Or the past month?

3.     How do you feel about being a woman in this world? 

4.     What’s up sister? Tell me everything.

5.     I got you, what do you need me to do differently? 

6.     How can I be of service to you in this time? 

7.     What do I need to learn this cycle around? 

8.     How can I reduce the struggle for you?

9.     Do you feel able to express your creativity? What can I do to help? 

To be continued with Part 2 of The Uterus Blog, 5 Organs Every Woman Should Be in Communication With Part III.

To be continued with communications with "The Uterus Part II: Pregnancies”

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Nahal Haghbin is an Integrative Yoga Therapist in training from the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy and a globally certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher based in China.  She conducts lectures, private and group asana and consultations on Yoga & Integrative Yoga Therapy in person and online. She works with menstrual disorders and with female health and wellbeing. Book an online yoga session with her.