Warrior & The Little Boy 

Once a upon a time there was a young boy

Who lived in a (little) box that looked like a toy

Though embroidered with colourful patterns and flowers

The box unfortunately had no special powers


He fit perfectly in the box from his head to his toes

So compact and perfect and protected from foes

He was safe and sound as long as he stayed in the box

If he ventured around he could be eaten by a fox


Though the dangers of the land were a negligible problem

every step seemed like a direct step head first in a column

 he felt it may mean he no longer appreciated his home

so small and perfect, but in reality his tomb


His body would grow with every step and stride

Which he falsely equated with him building in pride

Allowing himself to roam only one hundreds steps a day

To shrink back in his box in time or so he would say


One day in the box, the boy felt the earth shake

He heard all the sounds that wars tend to make  

Like canons, swords clashing, even loud cries and roars 

They were sounds that were difficult to simply ignore 


The boy though curious, about the things happening outside

He decided to stay in and be certain and alive

The sounds kept going for three days and three nights

Until the noises because faint and he was no longer in fright


Cautiously opening the box and taking a small peek

He saw destruction all around him which made him want to seek

Everything in the land that had been under attack 

He walked and walked until he grew too large to go back 


The smoke and the broken rocks had continued for miles

In the far distance, he saw a group of Warriors in files

One lone Warrior, however, happened to be away from the group

Standing right in front of him and he suspected, this may be coup


He carefully observed this Warrior from the back

And observed that they had certain qualities that he lacked

Like being courageous and brave,  fighting for what is right

All qualities that he longed for, glorious and bright


As he was staring, he realised that the Warrior was a she

He thought to himself, but how could this be?  

The boy had never seen a female warrior that was heavily armoured

To be fair, he had not seen much, not even a harbour


He waved both his arms to get the Warriors attention, 

but he was so small and inaudible, it was not worth the mention

There was no way to hear him, she could not hear his voice 

though she would have wanted to with the mightiest of choice 


One thing was a beauty, one thing was true, 

she had special powers, possibly one thing or a two

she could hear her generals orders from away and afar 

that's why she was alone and away from them all


She never heard the little boy, not even a peep  

Yet she perked up and stood straight by her inner beep 

The general was speaking with no words of any kind

 knowing this as an order, an order spiritual timed


The Warrior looked around for this spiritual sign 

she turned around to see a little boy, small and fine

fine on the in and fine on the out

yet not knowing why he was so small and not the least stout 


She looked up and down to see if there was a wrong

yet nothing seemed more perfect other than he was not long

Another one of her powers, mysterious as it seems

she knew ones spiritual size with no use of means 


He ought to be bigger, way bigger than she

ten times her size in fact, how could his current size really be? 

She loved him immediately, with love filling her brim 

starting from her toes all the way to her chin 


There is only love in this world, only love that exists here

nothing else but love battles and love training between peers

to learn about love, and the boundaries of love

love, love, love there is nothing ever above


She put her finger out to lift him up to her nose

so that he could see whatever that he chose

he walked half way up her finger before recalling his box home  

where he would return, and go back, forsaking the Dome 


The Warrior returned to her clan and continued to train

in battle as it was her duty whether in sun or in rain

she felt him come to her one night in her sleep

and perched on her ear and whispered like a sheep


She shoo-ed him away as she knew what he meant

However, one thing was clear and NEVER meant to be EVER bent

to train in spiritual-love battle, one must verbally ask

ask away with pure intention and with zero mask 


He was so small, with such a eedy beedy tiny little voice, 

she could not hear him, and also feared to violate his choice

a choice that needed to be requested loud and verbally clear

or else it was a violation that would be heard without an ear 


Not in this world, nor any other could this ever be

a choice of a heart is as sacred the Queen Bee

what happens to the little boy? What really could there be?

No one knows but the sacred within all that's in He

© Nahal Haghbin 2018