What is Meditation?

The month of May is Meditation Month!

What better time to delve more deeply into the spiritual practice of meditation than the month it is dedicated for? For the remaining month of May, I will be releasing a few podcasts on all things meditation in the hopes that YOU will feel empowered to begin your meditation journey.

My name is Nahal, and I am so excited to be your podcast host and share with you all that I know about meditation in my role as a Yoga Teacher. In my online yoga business called Yoga Avec Moi, I actively train people how to meditate and sustain it as a daily practice. It is my passion to assist you in your journey, whether or not you are a seasoned meditator or are a total beginner, I hope you tune in, share, comment on the information and let me know what you think? And please do share along the way, what you have heard or has helped you in your process of meditating!

I will also be sharing some cumulative experiences of the common challenges that arise with a sustained meditation practice courtesy of my clients. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts :)