Nahal Haghbin

Nahal Haghbin is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) in Hatha and Vinyasa, globally certified by Yoga Alliance.

She is Ethnically Persian, Canadian by Nationality and has been raised in China for the majority of her life. Yoga Avec Moi reflects the languages that Nahal offers in her online bookings as well as her inner, albeit, secondary identities!

With a Bachelors in Life Science and a Masters in Control of Infectious diseases, she intimately uses her academic training in pre-medicine and public health to bridge connections between the health of the individual's body, mind and soul.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”

― Aristotle

Nahal has found that her talent lies in teaching young mothers. Her passion is teaching them lasting transformative tools, to not only expand into their own inner and outer potential, but to organically nurture these qualities to their children and influence family dynamics and life, as mamas most surely do already!

What she has found to be the most needful of young mothers is to experience their True Selves in a time and location-flexible means through yoga - and that is why Nahal has moved her yoga services online!

Although she still recommends attending yoga studio classes whenever possible, Nahal is here for YOU in those challenging times when getting out of the house becomes more anxiety, fear, stress-inducing! 

Yoga is meant to be relaxing, calming, soothing and a balm to your Soul, and if getting to a yoga class is gonna disrupt that, then my ladies, Nahal will come to you instead through the magic of technology! 

I mean, isn't that what technology was made for, to make the whole of life more convenient whilst still maintaining uniquely human relationships? Nahal thinks so~




我的名字叫陈娜娜, 我是拥有波斯血统、加拿大国籍、却在中国天津长大的中国人。我是一位哈它和流瑜伽注册的瑜伽老师 (RYT200), 全球瑜伽联盟认可的证书。

在这里,我会在即将成立的网站上跟大家分享一些关于预定服务、瑜伽交谈, 冥想还有瑜伽课程等内容!我还会在这里分享一些能够让大家能够受启发的文章,全球宗教灵性的圣作,我个人的视频感想,博客, 瑜伽体式, 分享关于瑜伽, 思想, 灵性的有趣的文章。我会用英语还有中文跟大家分享。

亲们要是对我的冥想和瑜伽课程有兴趣, 或者对我分享的内容感兴趣,非常非常欢迎你们来关注这个网站!