5 Female Organs Every Woman Should Be in Communication With: The Uterus Part I

Symbolism of The Uterus 

The uterus is the quintessential center of femininity. It is the storehouse of creativity, it literally ‘houses’ the initial home of the human creation. The uterus deals with all energetics of creativity, including that of the lowest forms of creativity to the highest, the highest being that of a soul (a human) coming into this earth, and the lower forms of bringing material things from the invisible to the visible plane, like an idea to an object, or an idea into action – not by any means less praiseworthy, just hierarchically and creativity beneath a the crowning of human existence, the soul. The uterus is the space in which the bringing forth of a soul into the physical world of existence takes place, it is so phenomenally beautiful. In many ways it is also the birthplace of individual divinity, which makes its ‘house’ sacred by design.  

What your relationship with your uterus is, essentially equates to what your relationship with your woman hood is.How you think a woman should be, should talk, should walk on this earth will manifest itself and find expression in the Uterus. 

Note that if you have a painful experience with your Uterus, in the words of Caroline Myss, you are essentially rejecting your uterus, in other words, rejecting your womanhood. 

Now when I initially read that, I did not resonate a single bit, thinking, I have never once thought to my self that I reject my uterus or womanhood when I have cramps or pain, I mean that’s ridiculous. I thought to myself, there must be more to it, there is something I’m not getting here.It dawned on me that this ‘rejecting of the uterus’ could be in terms of, struggling or battling being a woman, knowing that a womans gender does give me (at least on an individual perception wise) more challenges than had I been a man. All these forms of thinking can be equated to the personal struggles of being a woman, i.e rejecting the uterus. 

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Sneak Peak into an Integrative Yoga Therapy Session with Nahal Haghbin

The first reaction that I get every time I begin a first-time clients session on the phone is “After filling out the forms, I didn’t know that Integrative Yoga therapy actually encompasses so many different areas!” 

Literally, what I hear every single time. 

Given that the field of Integrative Yoga Therapy is relatively new, and not so readily available everywhere yet, I thought I would share what an actual Integrative Yoga Therapy session with me would look like or may look like with other integrative yoga therapist.

Many people don’t even know what integrative yoga therapy is, or know what to expect when they are brave enough to try it, or what questions to ask so the integrative yoga therapist can help them.

Part of the reason is that, what people view as Yoga is what they see, and what they see is people doing crazy postures and physical thingsand the first thing that I hear is, 

“I can’t do that”

“I’m not flexible” 

“I’m can’t bend my body like that” 

“I would break if I did yoga” 

Yoga actually means the union of the mind, body, and the soul. 

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Scared about Giving Birth? Here's How to Completely Change Your Perspective on It

The true meaning of “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me” some say is in fact, referring to the ‘walking’ through of the birth canal.

This is a reason why people have previously said that everyone knows God, they are not wrong (even for unbelievers), for without Him, one could not have come into this life, or kept a mother living to care for you and look after you thereafter - which again is another miracle in its own right. 

Who knows why some babies and some mammas don’t make it, that is truly a mystery left for us to uncover, for a much later, or if ever, time. There are accidents that happen, however, but the giving as well as taking of life, I believe, is wholly in the hands of God - as other things are of course too, but never more so than birth and death. 

What I hope this knowledge would help you is to let you know that you can wholeheartedly and entirely rely on the infinite, merciful, comforting God during the birthing process. 

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5 Female Organs Every Woman Should Be in Communication With Part I

The Vagina is the receptacle, the organ of receiving. Receiving is a highly feminine quality, it is biologically, physically structured to receive another organ. The quality of receiving is also one that symbolizes how we are as receptacles to God, the reverse is not true – we have nothing to give the Divine in return that It already doesn’t have, which is why this quality above many others is important in the path to spirituality because we must be willing to receive divine inspiration. Women are naturally better receivers than men, both biologically, but also with emotional, mental and spiritual insights, which make it easier for women to relate to God – though the quality of receiving has to be developed in both sexes, ultimately the soul we know, has no gender, men likewise need to develop the virtue of receptivity to connect with our collective Creator.

Base Don Louse Hay’s directory, problems like vagintitis can occur when you are experiencing anger at a sexual partner, feeling sexual guilt, or having feelings of punishing the self. Also similar to when you have a urine infection, you are literally ‘pissed off’ from your partner. Of course in these circumstances you should not deny medical attention, as there are biological reasons for it too. However, most diseases are embedded in the mental layer of the body, the 3rdKosha (5 koshas include: physical, energetic, mental/emotion, witness and bliss bodies), which is where the root cause of all disease stems from. Therefore, as important as it is that you deal with it medically, in the first layer of the body, the physical, it is likewise important to understand what your emotional and mental wellbeing is trying to tell you. For instance, what opportunity of insight can you gain from this misalignment, about your self, about your mate, about the timing of an intimate relationship etc? These are all questions, you can directly discuss with your vagina, and just hear it out and see what it says. 

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