5 Female Organs Every Woman Should Be in Communication With Part I

The Vagina is the receptacle, the organ of receiving. Receiving is a highly feminine quality, it is biologically, physically structured to receive another organ. The quality of receiving is also one that symbolizes how we are as receptacles to God, the reverse is not true – we have nothing to give the Divine in return that It already doesn’t have, which is why this quality above many others is important in the path to spirituality because we must be willing to receive divine inspiration. Women are naturally better receivers than men, both biologically, but also with emotional, mental and spiritual insights, which make it easier for women to relate to God – though the quality of receiving has to be developed in both sexes, ultimately the soul we know, has no gender, men likewise need to develop the virtue of receptivity to connect with our collective Creator.

Base Don Louse Hay’s directory, problems like vagintitis can occur when you are experiencing anger at a sexual partner, feeling sexual guilt, or having feelings of punishing the self. Also similar to when you have a urine infection, you are literally ‘pissed off’ from your partner. Of course in these circumstances you should not deny medical attention, as there are biological reasons for it too. However, most diseases are embedded in the mental layer of the body, the 3rdKosha (5 koshas include: physical, energetic, mental/emotion, witness and bliss bodies), which is where the root cause of all disease stems from. Therefore, as important as it is that you deal with it medically, in the first layer of the body, the physical, it is likewise important to understand what your emotional and mental wellbeing is trying to tell you. For instance, what opportunity of insight can you gain from this misalignment, about your self, about your mate, about the timing of an intimate relationship etc? These are all questions, you can directly discuss with your vagina, and just hear it out and see what it says. 

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Everything you ever wanted to know about how Integrative Yoga Therapy can help your Romantic Relationship Part III

Vijanamayakosha – The Witness Body 

The witness body is also invisible to the naked eye, and is the part of yourself that is pure consciousness, this is the seat of wisdom. This is the part of your body that recognizes that you see a cup, and you are not a cup, or more relevant to our topic of couple ship, ‘I realize that she/he is having an angry emotion, yet I distinguish also that she/he is not a angry being/person.’

The recognition of what is temporary and what is permanent. 

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Everything you ever wanted to know about how Yoga Therapy can help your Intimate Relationship Part II

Mano-maya Kosha - The Mental/Emotional Body 

The mental emotional body is like the energy body in that it is also invisible ‘naked to the eye’ but is quite real / felt, am I right? Whether you want to categorize this as an entire layer of the human body, or a subgroup of collected emotions like love, compassion, gratitude, anger, jealousy, fear, they can easily be felt by the average joe and you instantly know what I’m talking about – no mystery here, especially if your relationship is based on that whole la passion~ Now, just how real do emotions get in your body?

Where attention goes, energy flows. 

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Everything you ever wanted to know about how integrative yoga therapy can help your romantic relationship 

Integrative yoga therapy works with the five Koshas, meaning layers or sheaths of the human body, 

  •    The physical body – Anamayakosha, 

  •   The energy Body – Pranamayakosha 

  • The mental and emotional body – Manomayakosha 

  •    The Witness body - Vjanamayakosha 

  •   The bliss body - Anamayakosha 

Often times so many people get so caught up in just the physical-ness of the relationship that you end up neglecting, the other layers, or human sheaths, of not only your own self/body, but also the layers of your partner – most humans don’t even know that there are so many layers! Don’t sweat it, we are all here to learn~

The key to a thriving relationship is first and foremost, knowledge.

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瑜伽 (Yoga) 的意思是“一体”,“联合” 或 “团结”。

瑜伽所谓的联合,是分两个步骤:第一步是将一个练习者(瑜伽士)的思想、身体和精神结合起来或使其一致;另一方面是将以上结合起来的个人与天国,上苍,宇宙,创造者融为一体 - 随便用其中哪个词描述都可以!在瑜伽里我们会试着不让我们的言辞或是语言阻碍我们精神的发展与前进!

瑜伽是一种精神上的练习, 修炼。

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