Everything you ever wanted to know about how Integrative Yoga Therapy can help your Romantic Relationship Part III

Vijanamayakosha – The Witness Body 

The witness body is also invisible to the naked eye, and is the part of yourself that is pure consciousness, this is the seat of wisdom. This is the part of your body that recognizes that you see a cup, and you are not a cup, or more relevant to our topic of couple ship, ‘I realize that she/he is having an angry emotion, yet I distinguish also that she/he is not a angry being/person.’

The recognition of what is temporary and what is permanent. 

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Everything you ever wanted to know about how Yoga Therapy can help your Intimate Relationship Part II

Mano-maya Kosha - The Mental/Emotional Body 

The mental emotional body is like the energy body in that it is also invisible ‘naked to the eye’ but is quite real / felt, am I right? Whether you want to categorize this as an entire layer of the human body, or a subgroup of collected emotions like love, compassion, gratitude, anger, jealousy, fear, they can easily be felt by the average joe and you instantly know what I’m talking about – no mystery here, especially if your relationship is based on that whole la passion~ Now, just how real do emotions get in your body?

Where attention goes, energy flows. 

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Everything you ever wanted to know about how integrative yoga therapy can help your romantic relationship 

Integrative yoga therapy works with the five Koshas, meaning layers or sheaths of the human body, 

  •    The physical body – Anamayakosha, 

  •   The energy Body – Pranamayakosha 

  • The mental and emotional body – Manomayakosha 

  •    The Witness body - Vjanamayakosha 

  •   The bliss body - Anamayakosha 

Often times so many people get so caught up in just the physical-ness of the relationship that you end up neglecting, the other layers, or human sheaths, of not only your own self/body, but also the layers of your partner – most humans don’t even know that there are so many layers! Don’t sweat it, we are all here to learn~

The key to a thriving relationship is first and foremost, knowledge.

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瑜伽 (Yoga) 的意思是“一体”,“联合” 或 “团结”。

瑜伽所谓的联合,是分两个步骤:第一步是将一个练习者(瑜伽士)的思想、身体和精神结合起来或使其一致;另一方面是将以上结合起来的个人与天国,上苍,宇宙,创造者融为一体 - 随便用其中哪个词描述都可以!在瑜伽里我们会试着不让我们的言辞或是语言阻碍我们精神的发展与前进!

瑜伽是一种精神上的练习, 修炼。

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My Yoga Teacher Training Experience in Bali Part 2

By the 4th day of my yoga teacher training I had learned ALL of the exact names of the postures and benefits of those postures in the long obligatory prayer, as they were all the basic yoga postures with tremendous healing benefits.

As I was raising my arms mid motion on that fourth morning during the Long Obligatory Prayer, from standing (Tadasana Mountain Pose) to my hands raised to the sky (Utthita Hasta In Tadasana, extended mountain pose), I realized exactly what I was doing, and how the physicality of the yoga postures had a DIRECT link to the Baha’i Writings, and the magnitude of it dawn on me like a massive wave. 

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My Yoga Teacher Training Experience in Bali Part I

I will never forget it, it was about Prakriti and Purusha - the ‘ever-changing’ & the ‘changeless’. 

Essentially, there was only two things in the changeless, which was God (although, there were no attachments to a particular name, the rest of the class we came up with other potential words that would describe IT, and among them were Allah, The Eternal, The Creator, The Source, The Force, Mother Nature etc) AND the life of the human soul. Considering that in the Baha'i Writings it says that the human soul is on this earth to progress, I wanted to know what the reference of that aspect was in Yoga. 

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How do busy moms hold space and develop a daily meditation practice?

According to the Yogic definition, meditation is as simple as having a single pointed focus. This single point of focus, could be just about anything. The requirements of the environment could be just about anything that allows you a conducive space to maintain that point of focus – this is different for everybody. 

For example, you could focus on the water running down from the tap when your washing your hands, on the water when it enters your mouth, on swallowing the water down your throat, each and all, are aspects of that single pointed focus that ones attention could be focused on. The object of focus, in this case, is thewater itself

Although water running from the tap is not a great example, cause we don't really want to be focusing for too long on it going down the drain, eh? Meaning with the whole being environmental friendly and conscious aspect, cause if the purpose of meditation is to build conscious awareness, the means of meditation itself, must of course, be coherent with the efforts of building that conscious awareness itself. 

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How I decided to become a Yoga Teacher?

Spending an entire month in Bali, Indonesia in July 2016 for a Yoga Teacher Training was life changing to say the very least. 

I don't think I knew what I was getting my self into, I was just super excited that it somehow happened to be ok for me to leave my full time job in academia for an entire month. The stars aligned that my boss also took a month off during that same month, and the rest was history.

One of my office mates was teaching yoga at the Public Health School in Singapore. For about a year, I was intermittently talking to her about her yoga teacher training, where she did it, how it was etc, as I had been thinking about it for the past 2 years. I didn't end up going to a single one of her classes UNTIL I had already agreed to take over her classes once she got pregnant - which is when it all started.

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Tablet of the Wondrous Maiden

"The hallowed Beauty shone resplendent from behind the veil.

How wondrous a thing, how wondrous indeed!

And, lo, the flame of rapture caused all souls to swoon away.

How wondrous is this, how wondrous indeed!

Rising up, they soared unto the blest pavilion ’neath the throne of heaven’s canopy.

How wondrous a mystery, how wondrous indeed!

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Warrior & The Little Boy 

Once a upon a time there was a young boy

Who lived in a (little) box that looked like a toy

Though embroidered with colourful patterns and flowers

The box unfortunately had no special powers

He fit perfectly in the box from his head to his toes

So compact and perfect and protected from foes

He was safe and sound as long as he stayed in the box

If he ventured around he could be eaten by a fox

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